221 A Street, Eastsound, WA 98245-0015 • Phone 360-376-2378 • Fax 360-376-2994

Send us an email at theofficecupboard@orcasonline.com

Q:  Can I have a fax sent to you, for me to pick up there?

A:  Sure!  Just be sure the sender puts your name on it.  $.50/page for incoming faxes. Use the fax number above.


Q:  What does it cost to send a fax?

A:  $.50/page for toll free or local calls, $1.00/page for long distance.  More for International, depending...

(We know, we know)


Q:  Can I email you a document I want printed?

A:  Yes, but it may be easier to bring it in on a USB drive.  If you wish to email, send to:  theofficecupboard@orcasonline.com, and don’t forget the “p” in cupboard.  Be sure to include your phone number, instructions, and when you hope to come in for it.


Q:  Do you print photos as well as text files and .pdf’s?

A:  We have an excellent photo printer, and our color copier. The choice will depend on your needs. The copier tends to be quicker and cheaper, the photo printer gives nicer quality.


Q:  Do you scan and print old photos?

A:  Sure.  And we can retouch them, in the process.


Q:  Do you carry ____?

A:  If we don’t, we are happy to help you find an alternative source.



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